Silk Vest Top with Vintage Lace

€49,00 €24,51

A classic lace top with feminine details. The top is designed with a beautiful lace edge around the round neckline. The top is knitted to a tube top, and is made in a mix of silk and cotton and has no side seams. This means that the lace top is extremely comfortable to wear. The lace top is without sleeves and is perfect for all kinds of outfits. Both for a regular everyday look, but also for partying. The top is available in a variety of colours (Cream, Biscuit, Grey, Brown/Taupe, Navy And Soft Pink)

It is an absolute must-have for your wardrobe and can be used all year-round. We guarantee that you will feel both beautiful and comfortable in a classic lace top because it fits perfectly to any kind of woman.

  • Size M is approximately 65 cm long.
  • Made of 70 % silk and 30 % cotton.
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